Core Values

  • Safety – A safe and clean environment for all
  • Well equipped Learning Environment – An engaging, positive and well-equipped learning environment that includes highly experienced staff who are trained in early childhood education
  • Societal Involvement – A collaborative effort from children, parents, staff and the neighbourhood community to participate in and contribute to social causes
  • Parental Involvement – Periodic communication with parents, which is key to parents and other family members being involved in the Tadika activities
  • Partnerships – Fostering mutually beneficial partnerships within the region for the benefit of students and community
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Our Learning Time

Tadika Sri Selatan is strategically located in a corner lot within Kuala Lumpur and is best known for quality early childhood education. Children at the Tadika enjoy their everyday activities and learn from this experience. Tadika also provides good quality day care in a clean and safe environment. Our day care in Kuala Lumpur caters to children from 2 to 6 years old. We also provide day care and after-school programs such as Mandarin classes, Arts & Crafts classes and Tuitions to help introduce our children to other social and cognitive skills. At Tadika, we adopt a multi-cultural approach, and children of different races and religions study in a harmonious environment. The different religions and cultures are well respected and blend to give children a true representation of their country.

  • At Tadika, we create an environment to improve our children’s skills for holistic development
  • We focus on imbibing values and teaching life skills that encourage children to contribute positively to the community and country
  • At Tadika, children are taught to be self-disciplined and organised

Our Vision is to provide an environment where all children feel happy, respected and encouraged to develop to the best of their individual abilities and potential. Our program is designed and developed to promote learning of academics, enrichment through various experiences, and participation in community based events and celebrations. We adopt a holistic approach that enables each child to develop their social, physical, emotional and intellectual abilities. Children experience value-based learning through collaboration, community events for social causes, and celebrations in a multicultural environment.

Our Mission is to provide quality academic education, value-based learning, enriching experiences, and care in a safe, hygienic, and happy environment that builds a foundation for continuous learning.

School Experience

Tadika Sri Selatan, one of the best preschools for kids in Bandar Tasik Selatan, provides experiential learning with dedicated staff and proven curricula. Established in the year 1994 with the goal of making early learning enjoyable for children,

Tadika Sri Selatan offers a secure, stimulating environment in which children can develop and grow to their fullest potential. Our teachers, having over two decades of teaching experience, are passionate about fulfilling the objectives of experiential learning and understand the individual learning needs of preschool children. Tadika Sri Selatan’s approach to teaching and learning promotes holistic growth in children in a safe and comfortable environment that allows them to explore their creativity and passion with parental involvement in many of our activities.

Experiential learning focuses on the learning process for the children in our preschool in Bandar Tasik Selatan. In a Tadika, everyday opportunities in each child’s field of interest can impart valuable experiential learning. This contributes significantly to the child’s overall understanding of the real-world environment.

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