Awareness of Environment

We help children develop their knowledge and understanding of the environment, other people and features of the natural and man-made world to provide a foundation for historical, geographical, scientific and technological learning.

Personal and social development

We help children learn how to get along well with their peers and adults in the school. They learn about other cultures and religions and learn to respect one another.


At Tadika, we kindle the interest of children in mathematics by introducing interesting mathematical activities. In the process, we bring about the development of thinking skills, such as classifying, comparing, ordering, patterning, measuring, counting, sorting and problem-solving with numerals.

Physical Education

Tadika has an outdoor play area for children with colourful play equipment and a small patch of garden. At Tadika, we recognise physical education as an important aspect of a child's development. It not only helps a child reach an optimum health level, but also requires active social skills.


We believe that arts and crafts classes provide a unique way of seeing, thinking, presenting and knowing about ourselves and the world. Children at Tadika are encouraged to develop skills in a wide variety of art forms and to use them across all areas of learning.

English Language and Phonics

Language in everyday living and learning helps us to express ideas, to give and gain information, for imaginative purposes and thinking. At the Tadika, language development is integrated across all areas of learning. Children are encouraged to use their language skills broadly and imaginatively. The medium of instruction at the Tadika is English. Here, the children are taught to read at age 4. They begin to write few words at age 5 and full sentences at age 6.

In addition, the children are taught phonics through smart classes. The phonics reading program offers a dynamic collection of interactive educational modules and workbooks for preschoolers from 4 to 6 years old. We provide a complete e-learning curriculum which includes computer knowledge, language, arts, life skills, moral education, mathematics and science. We live in a global and interconnected economy, and we need to prepare our children for it. That preparation includes such skills as speaking outstanding English, since English remains a key language in global business, science, and technology. We also need to prepare our kids to navigate a global workplace in which knowledge of languages and cultures other than our own will provide a key competitive advantage for the future.

Mandarin Language

As Mandarin is fast becoming one of the most important languages in the world, Tadika provides Mandarin classes in Kuala Lumpur, for full-day students, taught by a certified teacher whose first language is Mandarin.

Bahasa Melayu

At Tadika, children are also taught to read, write and speak Bahasa. They are prepared well to join Primary Schools with subjects taught in Bahasa. Songs, short stories and lessons in Bahasa are structured appropriately to the child’s age.

Tamil Language

At Tadika, Tamil is taught to those children who require to learn Tamil. Children are taught to read, write and speak the language. They are also familiarised with short poems, stories and Tamil grammar.

Computer Literacy

  • 100% localised content, specially designed for children from 4 to 6 years old.
  • 120 titles in 3 different languages (English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin).
  • Thematic teaching methodology according to the Ministry of Education.
  • Fun and interactive learning experience
  • Constant upgrading in line with the education system and social development

In the computer syllabus, one calendar year is divided into four quarters. At Tadika, we have four workbooks for four quarters for every student as a revision to enhance their academic performance.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness of children is given high priority. The Tadika premises are well maintained and always kept clean and hygienic. The teachers at Tadika, our preschool in Kuala Lumpur, report to parents immediately if a child is unwell. Any spread of infectious diseases in the city is promptly communicated to the parents. Preventive measures are taken well in advance.

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