Children learn through a range of activities such as music, story-telling, arts & crafts and outdoor play to make learning and life at Tadika a playful experience. These activities cater to early childhood development in experiential, cognitive, numerical and creative learning. We emphasise on fun learning and on building confidence through a conducive learning and playing environment, that help nurture a child’s confidence and social interaction skills. Learning at the Tadika lays emphasis on academics, extra curricular activities, presentation skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills.

Infants Care

For children From 6 months to 24 months

Our infant day care in Kuala Lumpur for children aged between 6 and 24 months introduces the importance of family support at the start of a child’s journey of learning and discovery in a safe, clean environment. A sense of security is primary to a child’s enjoyment of discovery and learning in this age group - therefore, this is an adult-guided program.

Here, our curriculum is designed to :

  • Develop social skills through meaningful interactions with teachers, educational resources and parents
  • Stimulate imagination, sounds, rhythms and spoken words by exposing children to age-appropriate language, stories and music through our specially created stories and music for the children
  • Build sensory abilities through fun arts and crafts, and discovery activities
  • Exercise gross motor coordination and develop sense of balance and spatial awareness through gross motor play activities
  • Gain appreciation for food and eating together: learn the social skills of eating with others while developing a taste for a variety of healthy organic food

Day Care

For children from 2 to 3 years old

Tadika Sri Selatan provides toddler child care in Kuala Lumpur for children aged 2 to 3 years. Toddlers of this age are like a sponge, absorbing stunning amounts of knowledge from their environment rapidly and effortlessly. Our curriculum for toddlers is designed to :

  • Foster cognitive development, and speech and language development
  • Strengthen fine motor skills and gross motor skills
  • Teach practical life skills and promote independence
  • Promote confidence, kindness, grace and courtesy

We believe that even young children can be responsible for the care of themselves and their environments. Our classroom is a spacious, well-designed area where toddlers are free to explore their indoor and outdoor environments with all their senses. Attractive learning materials are displayed on low shelves within easy reach of the children. With a dedicated team of warm and nurturing teachers trained in early childhood development, children are encouraged to be independent and explore their environment at their own free will.


For children from 4 to 6 years old

At Tadika, we offer a customised curriculum developed by highly experienced teachers specialised in early childhood education. Our children are prepared for a smooth transition to their Primary classes. Our curriculum has been specially designed to coach children in adapting to the local school, private school, and international school. The curriculum is designed as per Government syllabus and supplemented with a large amount of additional content developed by the vast knowledge and experience of our staff.

As we understand how important it is for children to learn through experience, we have designed a developmentally appropriate program for children of different age groups.

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